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Interracial Match

Interracial dating has gained a lot of popularity with many black women looking for white men growing in numbers. With there being a number of dating sites offering the same features for all, Interracial singles stands unique as it offers interracial who have been found positive an opportunity to meet others and fall in love. Simple and straightforward, Interracial Match offers an easy connection for all who seek to meet new friends inline and even in person by signing up. With there being a number of features available, there are some that are available as soon as one signs up.


When looking for the perfect interracial matches, the starting point available one gets to choose from is from the public photo albums. With up to 26 photos that can be added in this category, black white dating has never been easier as available on the standard version. Gold members are given more access, as one can be able to view private photos of members as access to once private album is allowable. Profiles are also different, simple and unique as they are more detailed.


To be able to enjoy Interracial Match fully, one is recommended to purchase the various packages available.

  • 1 month’s gold membership: $39.95

  • 3 month’s gold membership: $74.95

  • 6 month’s gold membership: $119.95


When posting once own profile, the "about me" is available to write in simple words to describe oneself. To get matches faster there is an "about my match" and " looking for" sections that are available for one to fill about their desired matches and what they are looking for in the event one gets what they are looking for. "First date ideas" section and "relationship" status is available to not only to avoid disappointments but also avoid misunderstandings once the relationship takes off. In addition one can be as specific as they desire as in the details section one can fill their appearance, kind of lifestyle they desire, background and even worth.


After signing up and filling up the profile and selecting the profile photos, the next step is searching for the right date. In this case for standard version one can be able to search for their desired interracial dates, narrowing the search down by using age, gender and location one desired their dates to be from. For gold members, more options are available as one can search ethnicity, lifestyle, and even photos among many other specifics.


When it comes to searching, there may be other members who have searched and gotten ones profile. In this regard connecting with the visitors who have viewed the profile is possible for gold members if one is interested. Connecting with those who have sent Winked Emoji's and even have added ones profile as their favorites, is also available and vice versa.


After connections are established and communication starts, it is good to note that conversations can be either by email or on the site messages dialogue for gold members. Standard members can be able to send winks to each other.

Let’s meet:

Be it black white dating or just dating in general, people want to meet up eventually. In this regard the "lets meet" feature is available. In this case simple select let’s meet to connect with the mutual match. However it is good to note that it’s only available with members who have photos.


The blog feature is definitely a beautiful addition to the Black and White dating site. In it one can easily read others comments, like them and comment of blog posts uploaded. Still one can also be able to post once own blog as they wish to.

With the fact that Interracial Match offers a platform for black women looking for white men and black men for white females and even give them a chance to meet, no doubt it is worth a try with no disappointments.

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